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OVC 75th Anniversary Teams: Volleyball

OVC 75th Anniversary Teams: Volleyball

OVC 75th Anniversary Website

By TTU Athletics & OVC Media Relations

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – The 2022-23 academic year marked the 75th anniversary of the Ohio Valley Conference, which began in 1948 and currently ranks as the eighth-oldest Division I Conference.

As part of the celebration of the storied accomplishments of the League, a Committee working in conjunction with current and former schools, captured the "best-of-the-best" in each sport and celebrate the top athletes in league history with 75th Anniversary Teams across all OVC sports. A similar listing was compiled during the 40th and 50th anniversaries of the league.

Below is a listing of the top volleyball student-athletes and coaches in OVC history.

Tennessee Tech saw nine representatives on the list, including Stephanie Busch, Taylor Dorsey, Angie Duncan, Katrina Hendrix, Katie Kenline, Kappy Lang, Leah Meffert, Becky Murray, and Kim Tunnell.

Rachel Ahlers, UT Martin (1999-02)
Amy Almond, Morehead State (1999-02)
Sue Antkowiak, Eastern Kentucky (1987-90)
Bridget Bessler, Morehead State (2019-22)
Abbey Breit, Jacksonville State (2004-07)
Angela Boykins, Eastern Kentucky (1983-86)
Cathy Brett, Eastern Kentucky (1983-86)
Stephanie Busch, Tennessee Tech (1997-00)
Isabel Canedo, Austin Peay (1991·92)
Stephanie Champine, Austin Peay (2008-09)
Emily Coon, Southeast Missouri (2010-13)
Sarah Dearworth, Murray State (1991-94)
Taylor Dorsey, Tennessee Tech (2018-22)
Nikki Doyle, Austin Peay (2009-12)
Angie Duncan, Tennessee Tech (1983-87)
Kasey Elswick, UT Martin (2009-12)
Becca Fernandez, Murray State (2017-21)
Casie Garland, Morehead State (2001-04)
Erica Gerth, Eastern Illinois (2001-04)
Charlotte Gillespie, Eastern Kentucky (1981-84)
Rachel Giustino, Murray State (2016-19)
Liz Guard, Eastern Kentucky (2002-05)
Dayle Hamontree, Morehead State (1987-90)
Krista Haukap, Southeast Missouri (1997-00)
Katrina Hendrix, Tennessee Tech (1982-85)
Scottie Ingram, Murray State (2013-16)
Jennifer James, Eastern Kentucky (1988-91)
Kelly Jennings, Eastern Kentucky (2003-06)
Katie Kenline, Tennessee Tech (2006-09)
Pam Kirsch, Southeast Missouri (1990-93)
Kappy Lang, Tennessee Tech (2005-08)
Kim Koehler, Murray State (1987-91)
Lexie Libs, Jacksonville State (2018-20)
Olivia Lohmeier, Morehead State (2017-21)
Lauren Mackey, Morehead State (1995-98)
Deanne Madden, Eastern Kentucky (1980-82)
Laney Malloy, Southeast Missouri (2018-21)
Leah Meffert, Tennessee Tech (2007-10)
Tuba Meto, Southeast Missouri (1994-98)
Amy Merron, Eastern Kentucky (1994-97)
Hannah Miranda, Belmont (2010-13)
Becky Murray, Tennessee Tech (1985-87)
Brittany Nobilio, Eastern Kentucky (2004-07)
Arianna Person, Belmont (2014-17)
Leslie Przekwas, Eastern Illinois (1998-01)
Gina Rivera-Ortiz, Tennessee State (2018-22)
Ellie Roberson, Morehead State (2009-12)
Emily Scannell, Southeast Missouri (2000-03)
Kathryn Sprague, UT Martin (2004-07)
Kirsten Stucker, Austin Peay (2015-18)
Kim Tunnell, Tennessee Tech (1982-85)
Heather Willis, Morehead State (1992-95)
Lindsey Vicknair, UT Martin (1999-02)

Coaches of Note
Cindy Gannon, Southeast Missouri        
Jaime Gordon, Morehead State        
Cheryl Holt, Austin Peay
Taylor Mott, Austin Peay        
Geri Polvino, Eastern Kentucky

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