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For TTU Recruits


As you become a prospective student-athlete it is important that you are aware of a few important NCAA rules that will assist you in the recruiting process:

1) Who exactly is a prospective student-athlete?
-According to the NCAA rules, prospective student-athletes are individuals who have started their ninth grade year of school or have been recruited by an TTU staff member or a representative of TTU's athletics interests (booster).

2) When can a TTU coach contact me or when can I contact a TTU coach?
-A coach from TTU may begin making telephone calls to you on or after July 1 after completion of your junior year in high school. However, if you are a recruit in the sport of Football the coaching staff may make one telephone call to you during the month of May of your junior year and then may not call you again until September 1 of your senior year in high school. Also, if you are a Basketball recruit a coaching staff member may call you once on or after June 21 following your junior year and then not again until July 1.

-You are free as a prospective student-athlete to call or contact a TTU coach whenever you wish prior to these dates, however, if it is before July 1 after completion of your junior year, then the TTU coach unfortunately may not return your call so please keep trying until you get a hold of the coach. Also, please keep in mind that even after July 1 the TTU coach may not call more than once per calendar week. (Sunday through Saturday).


Under the current NCAA rules, TTU CANNOT respond via email or telephone to any four-year college transfer student without the student-athlete first obtaining a release (or permission to contact) from the first college or university.


Matt Bragga Baseball 3853 mbragga@tntech.edu
John Pelphrey
Men's Basketball 3950 jpelphrey@tntech.edu
Kim Rosamond
Women's Basketball 6292 krosamond@tntech.edu
Zach Weinberg Beach Volleyball 3993 zweinberg@tntech.edu
Peter Dalton
Men's & Women's
Cross Country
3749 pdalton@tntech.edu
Bobby Wilder Football 3930 rwilder@tntech.edu
Polk Brown
Men's Golf 3994 pbrown@tntech.edu
Amanda Smith Women's Golf 3910 arsmith@tntech.edu
Steve Springthorpe
Women's Soccer 6200 sspringthorpe@tntech.edu
Danielle Penner
Softball 6552 softball@tntech.edu
Kenny Doyle Men's Tennis 854-0569 kdoyle@tntech.edu
Peter Dalton
Women's Track & Field 3749 pdalton@tntech.edu
Jeannette Phillips Volleyball 3993 jwaldo@tntech.edu


For all information regarding admission to TTU, please click on the link for TTU admissions, for everything you need to know as a prospective student about applying to Tennessee Tech.


Below is a list of commonly asked questions that addresses many of the critical areas of compliance.

Q: Who is a prospective student-athlete?

A: A prospective student-athlete or a prospect is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade. A student who has not yet started ninth grade may become a prospect if Tennessee Tech University or a booster provided the student, their relatives, or friends with financial assistance or benefit that is not generally provided to other students. In addition, student-athletes enrolled in preparatory school or two-year colleges, or those who have officially drawn from a four-year school, are considered prospects. Special Note: A prospect remains a prospect even after he/she has signed a National Letter of Intent or accepted an offer of admission or financial aid to attend Tennessee Tech University. A prospect becomes a current student-athlete only when he/she reports for preseason practice or the first day of fall classes, which ever occurs first.

Q: What is recruiting?

A: Recruiting is the solicitation of a prospect or the prospects parent(s) or legal guardian(s) by a Tennessee Tech University staff member for the purpose of securing the prospect's enrollment at Tennessee Tech University and/or participation in Tennessee Tech's athletic program. Recruiting activities include correspondence, email, faxes, telephone conversations, in person contacts (on and off campus), and evaluations.

Q: What is a Contact?

A: A contact is any face-to-face encounter between a prospect or the prospect's parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and a University staff member or booster during which any dialogue in excess of an exchange of a greeting occurs. Any encounter that is prearranged or that takes place on the grounds of the prospect's school or at the site of organized competition or practice is considered a contact regardless of the conversation (including a greeting) that occurs.

Q: What is an evaluation?

A: An evaluation is any off-campus activity designed to assess the academic qualifications or athletics ability of a prospect, including any visit to a prospect's educational institution (during which no contact occurs) or the observation of a prospect participating in any practice or competition at any site.

Q: What is an official visit?

A: An official visit by a prospect is a visit to campus that is financed in whole or in part by Tennessee Tech University.

An official visit may not exceed 48 hours in duration.
Tennessee Tech University may pay the prospect's transportation costs for his or her official visit, provided a direct route between the prospect's home and the institution is used.
Tennessee Tech University may also entertain a prospect and his or her parents or legal guardians during an official visit provided the entertainment takes place on the institution's campus or within a 30-mile radius, and is at a scale comparable to that of normal student life.
As a reminder, boosters are not permitted to have contact with a prospect during his or her official visit.

Q: What is an unofficial visit?

A: An unofficial visit by a prospect is a visit made to Tennessee Tech University at the prospect's own expense. If any expenses are paid by Tennessee Tech University or booster, the visit will become an official visit.

Q: What is an extra benefit or inducement?

A: An extra benefit or recruiting inducement is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or booster to provide a current student-athlete, prospect, or their relatives or friends a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. Examples of impermissible recruiting inducements and extra benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

Cash or loans in any amount, or signing or cosigning for a loan.
Gifts of any kind, including birthday and holiday gifts.
Free or reduced-cost services such as car repairs, haircuts, tutoring, etc.
The use of an automobile.
Free or reduced rent or housing.
Tickets to an athletic or community event.
Academic course supplies or assistance.
Arranging the employment of the relatives or friends of a prospect or student-athlete.
Entertaining a prospect or prospect's family or legal guardian on or off campus.


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