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Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles

Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance Center Philosophy
In general, all sports involve multi-joint, multi-directional movements that are often done at high speeds and in a reactionary environment. Athletes must be trained to develop a wide variety of skills that are sport specific and will enhance the possibility of competitive success.

Strength Training and Conditioning Programs will be designed based on the following:

* Proper Technique – technique produces results and lessens the risk of injury
* Training Tempo – train at a pace that your opponent is unwilling to match
* Strength Development:
* Train to be fast and explosive
* The ability to produce force, time and time again
* Development of large muscle groups
* Development of Sport-Related Skills – train for the demands of the sport
* Injury Prevention and Reduction
* Development of the Total Athlete – proprioception, coordination, balance, and flexibility
* Training Variety – use a wide variety of stimuli to produce results
* Year-Round Periodization – constantly work to raise the standard
* Agility – train and develop the ability to change direction efficiently
* Speed Development – focus on acceleration, proper mechanics, and efficiency
* General Conditioning – we will benefit from being in great shape
* Educating Each Athlete – work to create “students of training”
* Build Character – instill discipline, moral values, pride, confidence, and work ethic
* Leadership and Team Building
* Continuing Research – coaches will continue to research and develop in order to provide to most comprehensive and successful workouts for our athletes

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide Tennessee Technological University student-athletes with the best possible training environment to excel and achieve competitive success. Athletes will train consistently in an environment where they will develop a positive attitude, individual character and integrity, work ethic, mental toughness, and team camaraderie and accountability. As a strength and conditioning staff we will train the Tennessee Technological University student-athletes competitively, sensibly, and systematically over designated periods of time in a safe, clean, and professional environment.

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